Thursday, September 6, 2018

Our Summer in Kibaale

We've loved spending this summer in Uganda, especially hosting families in Kibaale! Since June there has been 50 visitors here, 21 of those were kids, which has been a lot of fun.

Since the Kibaale Community Centre has 4 schools with over 1,000 students on campus, a busy medical clinic, and many community programs there is an area for everyone to help out. We are so thankful for the generosity of our visitors; choosing to spend their time here, teaching in many different areas, and also giving gifts to their sponsor children and the community.  

Home visits are always a favourite part of coming to Kibaale! It definitely changes the experience of sponsorship when you get to meet the student you sponsor and get to know them and their family. 

The best sports days include a dance party. 

The water station was another favourite on this very hot day! 

The kids worked really well together planning and organizing this event for the Nursery students. 

Mud hut! We are so thankful for the fundraising efforts so that one of our students could get a much needed new home this summer! 

Avin spent last summer in Arizona with her friend Sophia, it was great having her and the entire Currie family on our side this summer! 

They apparently feel very strongly about this statement. 

This is moments before a mud fight! 

Nurses in training. 

Sweet little babies. 

Every week our nursing staff go into a different village nearby to provide immunizations, weight checks and deworming pills to that community. 

We are very thankful that 2 of the families planned and brought over all of the Christmas crafts that our students will make for their sponsors. It's a lot of work so we have to start in the summer, but having all these extra hands here made it go a lot smoother this year! 

Tea time! 

Sunset views! 

That's a lot of kids! 

Us minus Joel, he had to leave Uganda for 2 weeks to write an English final. 

Straforelli Family

Roberts Family

The girls

The boys

All 6 of us reunited!! 

Currie Family

Boulton Family

Thanks again friends for serving alongside us in Kibaale, it was an amazing summer! 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Werdal Family in Kibaale!

Scott Werdal started with Kuwasha in May as the Canadian Program Coordinator. Although we live across the world from each other Jeff and I will be working daily with him via email and phone calls so it was great to get to know each other in person. It is also incredibly helpful for him to do his job in Canada after seeing everything that goes on in Kibaale for himself!  

We are very happy that it also worked for his wife Corinna and their children Sophie and Penny to come, our kids went from acquaintances to great friends in about 24 hours! They had the best time showing them a glimpse of their life in Uganda. 

Meeting their sponsor child Cossy, definitely a highlight of being in Kibaale. 

She was so cute with this new baby doll who she named Irene. 

Visiting the Good Samaritan Primary School in Kamuli, Kuwasha is providing a lunch program for their 500 students over the next five years. 

Mazzy and Avin spend a lot of time in the special needs class helping out with their life skills or arranging new crafts to do together, they were excited to have Sophie and Penny just as happy to help out with these amazing kids as they are! 

Chapati making

Crafts with the kids in our staff daycare.

Kuwasha Dance Team! 

There was a lot of dancing, something the Werdal girls study in Canada and our girls play around with whenever they can. They did put their skills to good use teaching the special needs class a few dances, that was a lot of fun! 

Scott was able to put his height to good use as well, he went with Joel and the staff from the Child  Sponsorship office to install water collectors at a few of our students homes. 

Working or posing? Either way Natasha is very happy with her new water collector! 

We always say spending a week or two with our family in Uganda is like spending a year getting to know each other in Canada since on this side we spend all day together and have every meal together. This was probably the best way for all of us Kuwasha staff to get to know each other, we're practically family now! 

Thank you Werdal family for coming alongside us and the staff in Kibaale to help with everything we put in front of you; whether it was watching baby Isabelle, making dinner for 20 people, mudding a new home, or giving away 10 goats! We loved having your family here and can't wait until next time.