Monday, March 19, 2007

Children's Home

The kids play a lot on their front steps and right outside the home, we are often hanging out with them just like this.

Our kids hanging out with 4 year old twin boys Kato and Waswa. Kato means last one, he was the second born and Waswa means first one. Our kids play the most with these boys, Kato is very cuddly and loves to be read to and Waswa is energetic loving to chase our kids! Waswa has Malaria right now, but is quickly recovering.

Here is Kristen, the oldest child in the home, she is 10 years old, and a huge help to her house mom Rose, as well wonderful with our children. I am holding Hope, she lives with her family nearby.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my...finally I get to see pics. I am soooo going next summer! It suits you Shannon! Auntie Faye