Friday, April 13, 2007

10 Acres

Here are some pictures of buildings on the property where we are staying

Medical Centre

Guest House




Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff and Shannon Joel Avin and Finn
I am so thrilled that your family is doing this. What an amazing experience. One I'm sure you will never forget. There sure is something to be said for the simpler way of life isn't there?
Well we do look forward to seeing you again, but thanks for all the pictures, it helps to make us feel like your not that far away:)
P.S. How is Jeff enjoying the dirt???and why are you and Avin travelling?? to where??
God bless and keep you all safe,
Love Brad Lisa and family.
....and no baby yet

ang said...

Hey guys! I'm loving all the pictures. I wish I was there it looks like you guys are having fun! A tire swing! I love tire swings! Give those little black kids a hug for me, and the white ones too :)-Ang

Angela Hurst said...

Hi Jeff and Shannon and kids!

We are so proud to call you family. It is just amazing what you are doing. We can't wait until you come home and share "in person" everything you've seen and done.

Miss you, love you
Angie and Lee and kids