Sunday, April 22, 2007

Amani Baby Cottage

The Amani Baby Cottage is an orphanage that is home to over 50 0-6 year olds. Most of these children were abandoned in the hospitals after they were born. Others have lost their parents to Aids and were cared for by a guardian or other family member until that was no longer possible. Thirteen of these children are currently in the process of being adopted, 3 of them within Africa, and the other 10 to the US. They are hoping that all 13 of these adoptions are finalized by the end of May! The judge overseeing the adoptions in Kampala was continually denying the US adoptions, but in January they had 2 adoptions go before a new judge and were granted, this is great news for these babies!!

There are 30 Ugandan staff running the baby house; helping the babies in their daily activities, cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, and yard work. There are 6 long term Muzungo (white person) volunteers, with their own responsibilities including an RN and the adoption coordinator, as well short term volunteers are always welcome. The impact the volunteers have on this baby house is amazing to see, the children receive a lot of one on one time being held, read to, or taken into town. We have spent some of our time this week looking at their programs, children's files, and spoken to the long term volunteers as research on our children's homes in Mpigi, we have learned a lot to take back with us. We have really enjoyed our time this week as volunteers, cuddling with these babies, and our children have loved playing with the many toddlers!

The toddler children are ready for dinner

This is a full time job!

Avin is hanging out waiting for the kids to wake up


Lisa said...

Hi Shannon
You look so happy there, I can tell the baby cottage is right "up your alley" I am sure enjoying checking up on you all. Did I tell you I have a friend living in Kampala? She and her husband work with Mission Aviation Fellowship. He is a pilot there. I think her sister here is going to pass along your blog to her.
We're all doing well here, getting a little anxious for the baby, but...the due date isn't till saturday so it could still be a week or so. The boys are doing fine, we've been dirtbiking to the river a few times lately so that has been fun. Take care and we'll keep you at the top of our prayer list. Give the kids a big hug and kiss from us:)
Love ya
Lisa and family

Lori said...

Hi Shannon--
I heard about Amani Baby Cottage at a writer's conference last week and am interested in finding out how one adopts a baby from uganda? What agency did you go through or is it directly with the Amani Baby Cottage? I appreciate your time and answers.

Anonymous said...

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