Sunday, May 13, 2007


Out of our 3 kids, Avin has easily adapted to life here the easiest. That's right...Avin. The small, blonde girl you all know who hates being dirty and is afraid of bugs. She is a different girl today. She loves to play in the dirt and isn't afraid at all to pick up any bug or lizard (if she can catch one). One of her new favorite games is tackle football with her brothers. We certainly didn't expect her to change as much as she did.

Recently we visited the 'Source of the Nile'. This is where the Nile River is fed from Lake Victoria. There was a bus load of tourists from Bangladesh at the same time we were there. This is a popular tourist spot; it is where Ghandis ashes were sprinkled into the Nile River. There is also a large Ghandi monument. They all wanted their picture taken with our kids. We are not sure exactly why. Maybe they had never seen white people (naturally Uganda is where you would first experience that). Avin was fine being passed around so everyone got a picture with her!

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