Sunday, May 27, 2007

Care and Compassion

When the teams come here from Canada , one of the things they do is care and compassion visits. These are visits to homes in the surrounding villages. We go to the home and bring the family some food supplies, blankets, mattresses and mosquito nets. One of our tasks while here was to do pre-visits to all the homes. This meant going to every home and determining what the greatest needs were. Most of the homes were made up of an elderly grandparent and orphaned grandchildren. One home was a grandma and 20 of her orphaned grandchildren, you can imagine how hard this home would be to decide how much food and supplies to give! A lot of the details were the same for every home; they have no income, they grow their own food, but their land is not very fertile, and it is hard work, especially for the elderly grandparents. This process can be very difficult, and Shannon especially, who went to each of the pre-visits, found it to also be incredibly emotional.

14 of the 20 Gandchildren that one Grandma cares for

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