Wednesday, May 30, 2007


That's right, we had a cobra right by our house. Shannon thru herself on the kids to protect them....just kidding.

David, who works at the Children's Home, killed it while slashing grass near the soccer field. Joel carried it to our house to show it to us on a stick! You could still see the shape of the mouse it had just swallowed! Sorry, we didn't have a chance to get a picture.

It's just a reminder that we are still in Africa!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dyck Family , Love all the photos ,you are doing so much good work and having a wonderful time with it all. Can not wait to arrive on the 16th. Jeff I am bringing three hand saws over for your use. I was talking to your dad last week and he said you could use them. They should hold their edge a bit longer than today's saws. If you think of other tools let dad know so he can call me. Regards Pat Kenyon

Sara said...

Well, I feel a little bit dumb. Having not really realized until today that you guys were keeping a blog, I've been pouring over it; and what a great time to do it, too, since it was our last team meeting this afternoon. Can't wait to join you over there and get to know your family a bit better!

Grace and peace,
Sara Macdonald

ps - Please tell the cobras and centipedes that they can feel free to not show up during my time there.