Monday, May 28, 2007


My Mom and sister Lisa visited Uganda this month. We had a chance to show them a few sightseeing things, the Nile River and Bujagali Falls in Jinja, as well go to the Equator which is near Mpigi. We also spent time at the Children's Homes; my Grandma sent along a stuffed animal for each child here that they were all so excited to get! Mom and Lisa also helped with the care and compassion pre-visits, or watched our 3 kids so Jeff and I had the chance to go together to some of the homes, which was a neat experience for the two of us to share!

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys, had I known that family could come to visit I may have tried to rope Brad into a "little holiday". I have to write you a quick note this way cause I can't seem to reply to any emails from my email acct.:( You know me and computers. Say hi to Lisa and your mom, I'm sure they are having a wonderful time. They must miss you sooo much. We are really looking forward to when you're back home. And yes it will be quite a change. When we spent 3 weeks in Bali doing a little bit of mission work with 3 different orphanages, home was a tough adjustment. Well take care and big hugs and kisses to the kids from us!!!
Love you and God bless you and care for you all,
Love the other Lisa and family xoxox