Monday, January 28, 2008

Settling in

Here are some pictures of us settling in our first week (many of them taken by Jon). Everyone is healthy, over the jet lag, and doing really well. Its even hot out today, yeah!!!

Joel and Jon on top of a termite hill

"Auntie" Laura showing Joel around. Laura heads up the KCF office and child sponsorship program.


Lloyd Pearson said...

My goodness Jeff - what have you been eating. Looking at the picture on the termite hill you've really shrunk!

papa said...

well all I have to say is you missed the wildest weather yesterday. Deb and I were drivivg into vancouver and instead of the tunnel, we went alex fraser way and immediately found oursselves driving in a winter snowstorm. The tunnel on the other hand was clear and sunny. But I have to agree with Lloyd that you should watch what you are eating. Looks like a great way to lose weight. luv y'all

Pitscar said...

Agh someone beat me to it.

I just wanted to say that you're really starting to look healthier now that you're in Uganda Jeff. Very youthful. It's about time.

Yvonne said...

Hey guys, loving all the pics - keep them coming. I'm starting to feel the need to get on a plane and come over there . . .

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

loving the pictures. looks like you are all settling in well. The town seems bigger than what I had pictured. Take care

Team Thomas