Friday, February 1, 2008

Getting Eggs

One of the farm projects on the Kibaale property is egg laying chickens. There are 180 chickens right now, and 550 baby chicks that are just 5 days old!!

So to go and get our eggs we take our tray to the chicken coop, and pay Steven 4 000 shillings for 30 eggs, that is about $2.80 Canadian. It was a family event the first time, mostly because the kids were pretty excited to see the chicks!!


mom g said...

Looks like you have 3 little chicks of your own.It never ceases to amaze me on how very much your day to day is changing...rural life in its finest. The kids life skills will be soooo widespread , an education not taught in school, well not here anyways.This is fun to look at!

Sara said...

Haha I was just going to say, cute little chickens... and the birds are pretty cute, too!

Glad to see that you're settling in!