Sunday, February 17, 2008

Medical Centre Ground Breaking

The first big construction project is to build the new medical centre. I didn’t realize that also meant designing it, and then re-designing it! I've also had to draw sketches for two other buildings, I guess I should have paid better attention in Grade 9 drafting!

The medical centre is coming along really well though, some days there have been up to 20 guys working on site!

Completed foundation


mom g said...

Well Done Jeff !!!I look forward to seeing your must be both challenging and rewarding.

rachel synchshyn said...

wow! that is exciting. I can't believe that you had to design the building too! I know that you're more than capable, though, Jeff! We think of you often here in Edmonton - the family pic is on the fridge!

Lloyd Pearson said...

Ans when are you going to be calling for your NEC inspection?