Sunday, March 2, 2008


The kids are so fortunate here to find a new creature they can play with everyday. They have had lizards, geckos, toads, frogs and a chameleon already! Joel had Ziggy the chameleon for 4 days before losing him on a tree outside, he had left him for just a few minutes so he could catch some food. Joel thinks a bird caught him!

A nice big Toad

A tree frog the kids are playing with today

Ziggy the chameleon


gramma g said...

What lives you lead.... monkeys in your yard, reptiles in your hands....Oh yeah, I think you kids are going to have a little fun watching gramma run!Ok I can handle the tree frogs,but, that big one !!!

Brent White said...

How many little lizard funerals have there been this trip?
I remember the rath of Finny on a couple poor unsuspecting little lizards.