Thursday, May 22, 2008


Getting clean water is a huge problem throughout Uganda. We recently took a tour of some of the local wells and bore holes that have been built by aid organizations and the government. Every one of the wells we visited was broken. The local people then have to collect their water from streams, ponds, or even large puddles, which is very dirty water.

We are very thankful that someone from home is coming to fill the role in Community Services this fall; we’ll then be able to stay on top of our community getting clean water!

This bore hole was built by the government in 1999 and from that time was used everyday for at least 18 hours a day, we just found out that it broke 6 months ago.

One of many families that now goes to this pond everyday to get their water.

Going thru town to carry the water back home.

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Davis said...

Only crazy people go to Africa guys. You know that.

How's Finny doin'? Loving the pictures. I'm trying to spy on you guys with Google Earth but its not working too well. Ahh.