Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Full House!

We have so many visitors right now. Every bed is full! There is a team of 11 teachers from BC to work with our Ugandan Teachers for the next two weeks. We also have a nurse, Madelene who is here all of July, a learning assistance teacher, Joanna who is here until December, our special needs teacher, Alyssa, is leaving on Sunday after a 2 month stay and our new Accountant, Rachel Leng has arrived and will be here for 2 years!!

Jenny, from the PAOS office in Canada was also just here for a week. She worked most nights till 2 am organizing all the information we have here with all the information she had at home in Canada. What a huge job!

Lori from the Teacher Team is playing Go Fish with Avin and Finn, she's also read them lots of stories!

Jenny visiting her sponsor child, Nakawesi at home.

Alyssa baking muffins in the guest house. We've gotten to spend a lot of time with her these last two months, she's been Amazing with our kids and made a lot of effort to get to know them, our whole family will really miss her!!

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Teabo Chica said...

Awwww more friends to have around! Thats wonderful to be busy with company. Looks like some great help!