Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Yum?? Many Ugandans think so, Grasshoppers are a local treat!

Madelene picking the legs off the grasshoppers!

Madelene picked these up at the market yesterday for everyone to try. Our family had tried the fried ants last spring (all but Avin, and Joel didn't actually ever get one down!!) and we thought those were just fine! The grasshopper is bigger, which is the only thing that made me (Shan) a bit nervous, but, you have to try them!!!! Even Avin indulged!!

She was pretty brave about trying them, and got it down no problem, seeing as she wouldn't even attempt to eat an ant we were pretty proud of her!

No gagging this time, Joel thinks they're pretty good!!

Finny LOVED the ants, so we weren't surprised at all that he grabbed a handful!

Madelene refried some of them up with extra spices, and they were even better tasting. I don't think I'd call the grasshopper a favourite treat of ours, but they are definitely edible, so if you get the oppurtunity, give them a try!!!


mom g said...

I will trust you on that ...personally I would rather eat grass, not grasshoppers ! Bon a petit !

Teabo Chica said...

You guys!! I just crinch at the sight of it! It makes me think of fear factor. Awesome!