Saturday, October 18, 2008


Yesterday sucked.

With having the medical clinic right on our property, one of the things we often have to do is drive people home, or pick sick people up. Yesterday, Sean and I had to drive a mother home with her 3 year old daughter who had just died. The child had gotten very sick that night and in the morning headed out on the 2-3 hour walk to our clinic. The little girl was very ill so she had to carry her on her back the whole way, running whenever she had the energy to. By the time she made it here, the child had died. We were driving them both back home but there was a large rain storm, and our truck couldn’t make it the whole way. We ended up having to take turns carrying the little girl up the hill to their home. At the top of the hill, when we finally saw the home, the Grandmother saw us carrying the body and she came running to take the girl from me. This family was so poor, and lived so far from the nearest medical clinic.

A million emotions run through your mind on days like that.



mom g said...

OH SO sad Jeff ! That by far has to be the hardest to do yet....When you come home just want to hug the kids and thank God for their health.Something so sad doesnt ever really go away , which is good, it keeps one forever grateful and understanding to those who are hurting and have true sorrow.

Sara said...

Praying for you and this little girl's family as soon as I finish typing this.

Jeff, you are stronger than a lot of us, and you treated that little girl with respect and dignity. I'm sure you were a gift to that family.

Lesley said...

SO sorry to hear of this tragic death, my heart goes out to this woman and her family...heartbreaking.
Hoping that you are doing OK dealing with all the raw emotion of this.
Thank you for sharing.