Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Finn is full of energy from the moment he wakes up until his head hits the pillow! He’s always playing soccer, climbing trees (and falling out of them), or jumping off the highest diving board when we go swimming.

A day doesn't go by where he doesn't do or say something funny. Here’s a few things that have made us laugh recently:

Finn at the dinner table, “Mom, remember when I told you not to make yucky things?”
“But you did!!”

Finn, “Dad, can you pick Mazzy up by just her neck?”
“Oh, I can.”

Finn, after getting in trouble, “Fine, I’m moving to Canada!”
Us, “Canada is very far away Finn, our family lives in Africa.”
“Fine, I’m moving to Kenya!”


Gramma G said...

Finn , you are a very very very cute and funny little boy... as I have said a child who truly lives life in the moment.I sure do LOVE you little guy !

Brent White said...

Haha I'm sitting here on my couch, laughing away.
Here's missing your family

Lesley said...

What a great post...he sounds soooo cute and funny.