Friday, January 23, 2009

One year!!

Today is the one year anniversary of when we arrived in Kibaale, it’s been quite a year. If you want the full re-cap, feel free to re-read all the previous blogs.

Here are some interesting numbers:

1 new baby
264 games of soccer (just an estimate)
63 visitors
1 completed medical clinic
1 visit from the president’s wife
3 the grade Joel is now in
11 lion sightings
4 snake sightings
1 case of malaria (Finny)
258 elephant sightings (at least)
3 new people to our team
32 man hours lost waiting for weddings to start
47 acres of land purchased for our new school in Masaka
210 eggs laid each day
8 the day in April we are coming home for a visit!!!

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Jake said...

Hi, I just kind of ran into your blog. I desire to live in Uganda! My heart beats for that place! What do ya'll do? I would love to talk more. Let me know!

Jake Kelley

mom g said...

NO one can ever accuse you folks of leading a boring life ! Enjoy it and make each day count its such a blessing ! YEAH a visit home !!!

Lesley said...

Would love to see/meet you when you are home...Dave will be in South Africa from April long are you in Vancouver?
I know there are probably 100 family members and 5000 friends lined up to see you, but would it be possible?
One whole year, has the time gone fast or s.l.o.w?
Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Family! I can't wait to see all of you. Both Dylan and Victoria talk about their "cousins" in Africa. Lots of love, see you next month!!!

Love Angie