Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Ballack Obama"

I (Jeff) spent this past weekend in Mpigi. Shaun and Brenda Gaynor, from Peace Portal Alliance Church, have arrived to spend the month working there. If there is any excuse to head up there to hang out with the kids, we jump on it.

I was having breakfast with about 10 or 11 boys when one of them asked me if I knew “Ballack Obama”. I told them that I had never met him, but yes, I have heard of him. Then I watched as they sat there, crossed their legs, drank their tea and discussed “Ballack Obama”. I don’t know what they were saying, all I heard was 10 year old orphans in the middle of nowhere, with no newspapers or TV, talk for 10 minutes about “Ballack Obama”.

It was pretty funny.


mom g said...

That is a good story to tell ! I love the interaction and the childrens minds at work ,the next leaders of Uganda, and then you will be able to say you knew ~them~ as young boys discussing politics over breakfast in Mipig.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the story about the children's discussion. I would love to know what they had to say. I also appreciated hearing that my children made it to Uganda :)