Friday, February 6, 2009

Wild Hogs

For Christmas, we bought the kids 3 plastic motorcycles. Motorcycles in Uganda are actually called a "boda boda". If we'd known the hours and hours that all 4 kids would play with them we'd have bought them as a gift a lot sooner! 

Recently, some of the guys who work with us on the property saw Joel's interest in riding "boda bodas" and for the past few days, he has been getting lessons on their real bodas. He now steers, shifts, and starts the bikes all on his own! He says it's his new hobby, just like his Papa's back home! 

Here is our friend, Arthur, giving Joel lessons on the boda boda, and making sure Avin and Finn get a turn to ride around too!


Anonymous said...

oh shannon, oh kids i love these pic's! joel auntie lisa knows you are just soo happy,thrilled behind the wheel of a boda boda!

gramma g said...

Go Wild hogs ! Ride 'em...