Friday, March 13, 2009

Mpigi with the Anderson's

We had a great week with the Anderson family in Kibaale and were so thankful to then spend a week together at our church project, the Peace Portal Children's Village, in Mpigi!

The preschool kids and staff kids who are home in the afternoon are hanging out with us at the guest house on our first day.

The Anderson girls were unsure of the chameleon at first, it didn't take long though until they were picking it up and playing with it or trying to catch bugs to feed to it!

The kids loved playing with us in the church and getting to make great crafts!!


T-shirts and fabric paint were donated to every one of the kids, they are so creative and made some very cool shirts. THANKS so much for your generous donations!!!

Mazzy and Praise had a lot of fun playing together, they're both too cute!

The VBS campers made these great balls for the kids, we hid them around the property, they had so much fun running around everywhere to find them!!

Sugar cane, yummy!!!

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