Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Family Team

It's been amazing to host the 6 families from Pacific Academy in Kibaale these past two weeks. They have been very busy -  in the classrooms, on outreach, home visits, bike clinic, VBS, chapels, sports day, laundry by hand, and even mudding a new house for someone in the community!! It's been so encouraging for us to see families doing so well in Uganda, hopefully this is just the beginning!!

Our kids have LOVED spending time with the 15 kids on the team, they can't seem to get enough play time in each day!! 

Going on a monkey hunt!!

Canada Day BBQ


Robin said...

Looks so fun with all the kids around!!! Good for them for bringing their kids and making it a family team. Not many people do that... :-)

Lena Mulder said...

Hello Shannon, seeing all the excitement from the children and you, makes me so excited to go!! I'm praying the support raising continues to go well, hope to see you in a few months!I'll contact you when i recieve flight dates!!
Blessings, Lena