Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Last night, we had a knock at the door. There had been a bad motorcycle accident in town. Two "boda bodas" collided head on and four people were seriously hurt. I was told they were already in the back of one of our trucks in the driveway. They all had broken legs and head wounds. Shaban, one of our builders, was in the truck and hurt very badly. He was our painter at the medical clinic. He is also one of the guys I play soccer with.

His leg was broken in a few places and the bones were coming out. He has 8 children, one which was born very recently.

The medical costs will be around $1000. 

If anyone would like to help out by donating to the Kibaale Community Clinic, so that we can help Shaban, please email Jon Imbeau @


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mom g said...

This is a sad,and yes, of course i would be more than happy to help out with a donation...waiting to hear back.. Pray for all his needs to be met and heal strong as ever !