Thursday, August 20, 2009

Term break in Mpigi

We just had the chance to spend a few days in Mpigi while the kids are off school for term break. We have been busy with summer visitors and programs since coming back to Uganda, so this was our first chance to just spend a couple days there as a family. We had some organizing to do in the guesthouse which has just been renovated and is looking great!! We also had time to just play with the 52 kids, which is still one of our favorite things to do in Uganda!!!

One of the highlights of this trip was sitting around talking with some of the older kids, when they told us our family is no longer Mzungus (white person, traveler). They said we are different, because we live here.  Pretty cool.


Cheryl said...

I miss those kids :(

Lena Mulder said...

Hello Shannon,
That must've warmed your heart, hearing that you are one of them, so special. I sure am looking forward to seeing you all.
Praying all goes well!!!
Love Lena