Saturday, November 14, 2009


We have 45 spots for new Nursery students in February.

On Monday and Tuesday this week over 300 families came out in hopes that their nursery aged child is one of the 45. It is a benefit for the whole family if your child is chosen to go to our school because of the sponsorship program.

The teacher's who interviewed the students and families this week were looking at how far away the family lives and if the student is even ready for school. Next week they go to our sponsorship office for further interviews and are then weeded down to the 45 neediest students.

Our staff have a lot of work ahead of them with many interviews as well home visits to investigate the family situation for themselves. Please pray for our staff as they begin this very difficult process.

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mom g said...

God bless each and every child and He has a specific plan for their life !