Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby Immunizations

Last month I had the chance to join our clinic staff on Baby Immunizations. Over a hundred little babies!!! 
Three times a month our staff go into a neighboring village to weigh, immunize and give vitamins to the babies, and also vitamins to all the children that come. It's somehow still surprising to me how often you see such young children carrying and caring for babies! I was happy to see that they were being cared for too.
This traveling clinic is a huge blessing to the families in the 3 villages that we rotate going to, since it would take them hours to walk into Kibaale. For me, seeing how much our staff also love this program was my favorite part. They were so happy to be going and so helpful to the overwhelming amount of people, and this is all after a full day’s work!! We love our staff!!


J and R JECK said...

your pics from this day are so good. ...i think they're the only ones that I didn't copy of yours.... wishing we were back in Uganda... almost all the time - JECKS.

Christina Schultz said...

Wow. These pictures are beautiful! I enjoy following your blog. I was in Kibaale for a couple months during high school as part of a Pacific Academy project, and reading your blog brings back lots of memories! I'd love to give my kids the experience of returning someday. Blessings on your work and family!