Thursday, December 17, 2009

Home Visits

Last month I (Shannon) had the chance to go on home visits to two sponsor children, both are sponsored by family or friends of ours. As soon as we hear someone we know has sponsored a child we seek them out so we can look for them on the playing field (right across from our house!) and greet them when they walk by. We also like to visit their homes, to meet their families and see what their specific needs are. 

Although each child in our program has one thing in common, being needy, their homes, families and stories are all very different. 


This is our good friend's sponsor child, Dennis. He is the sweetest little boy; he has the cutest voice and is quite the chatterbox! He is very affectionate and loves to grab your hand when you're walking. Dennis and his 5 older siblings live with their Dad and Mom, both are HIV positive. His father was also very talkative, and both of his parents were very welcoming. His Dad was a good farmer when he was healthy, the family has a sturdy house and live on a good piece of land. Unfortunately he is too weak right now to work in the fields and they are struggling to grow food for their family. Hopefully as the kids get older they can take over the farming responsibilities!

Erin WiebeCarissa Vanden Hooven (visitors from Canada) and Rose, who works in the Sponsorship office, sitting in the front room of Dennis's home.


This is our Aunt and Uncle's sponsor child, Catherine, she has an incredible smile and seeing her always brightens our day! Both of Catherine's parents have died and her Grandma is raising her as well a few of her orphaned cousins.  There were a few neighbors who came by while I was visiting that knew Catherine well and seemed very involved with her family. Her house was a very happy home, you could just feel how loved she was. We also found out that Catherine LOVES school, she's the first one to wake up in the morning so she can quickly get her chores done and run to school!!

Jamie Davis, who works with our Sponsorship program, greeting Catherine's Grandma

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