Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kibaale vs Katerero

Last night was the final match of our Christmas Cup Tournament. The stakes were high; a grand prize reward of a large cow and second prize was a nice fat goat. The game started on a hot, sunny Sunday afternoon. Kibaale takes the lead in the first half with a brilliant headed goal. Did I mention I scored that goal? But Katerero equalized the game with a controversial goal mid-way thru the second half and eventually won the game in penalty kicks.
Even though we lost it was a great afternoon and a spectacular event, there was about 2 000 people out to watch! It was even good to see the cow to Katerero, a very needy community.

If you look carefully, Shannon expertly captured me soaring above the opposition to score the goal.

As you can see the celebration was rather elaborate

Katerero celebrates!!

Awarding Katerero with their prize cow.

Walking the goat home to the Kibaale Community Centre!


theRachel said...

Jeff...there is one pic where you appear to be wearing your shirt over your head - is this a trick that helps you score lots of goals?

Anonymous said...

GREAT pics!!! I love the unity of the community ...Everyone looks so happy and exited to be there....

Brent White said...

Who says white men can't jump, nice goal, nice photos Shan and great jersey Joel ;)

Lesley said...

Well done Jeff! I can just hear the roar of the crowd when you scored that goal!!
Great pics Shannon.

Ang said...

Jeff, you are a legend.