Sunday, January 31, 2010


When our time in Mpigi came to an end the team dispersed in several directions. A few people flew home after a final dinner in Entebbe, some went to Queen Elizabeth Park on safari, and our family took Sherri, Michelle and Cheryl to Jinja for a couple days. 

It was great for the 3 girls heading home to have a change of pace before flying out, and we LOVED having those extra days with our good friends!!

We were happy to have the chance to take Sherri and Michelle to the Amani Baby Cottage for the first time and Cheryl (who spent a week there last summer) was happy to go back! There were 53 kids hanging around the beautiful grounds; it's always such a happy place to visit!

Joel and Michelle at the Nile River, these 2 kids sure have seen a lot of the world together!!!

Saying goodbye is never easy; thankfully there is always something to look forward to though! The PA Outreach team arrives soon, this week we'll be shopping and finalizing plans for their time here, we can't wait to meet everyone!!! 

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Hoola said...

LOVE the shots of Cheryl - you take amazing photos Shannon :) Praying for you all!