Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday, Avin!

Sweet. Awesome. Winsome. Fun. Special. Angel. Cool. Amazing. Funny. Cute. 
(Some words to describe Avin that we took out of birthday cards and notes sent to her this year)

Avin didn't have the easiest time turning 7, she has been sick with Malaria! She was in bed for a few days, being an excellent patient and trying hard to feel great for February 20th!!

She wasn't quite ready for a party to celebrate, but she did get out of bed, had fun hanging out with the PA team again, and even requested hot dogs for dinner!

We had a bbq tonight to celebrate while the team of students from Pacific Academy is still here. Avin has LOVED getting to know each one of them and has spent every moment that she can doing so. It wasn't the birthday we expected, but it was very special!!


gramma g said...

Happy Birthday My SWEET Avin !!!
Missing you for sure! U look pretty darn good for being so sick .
Who loves you ? Gramma !!! XOXOXO

gramma g said...

I wanted to tell you what a very pretty dress you are wearing and I love your nails.... so perfect for a 7yr old !