Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Out of the village

We try to get into Kampala for a break from the village every month, sometimes it's a little less and sometimes it's a little more. We just realized that Joel and Mazzy had been in Kibaale for SEVEN weeks!! That's a bit long!!

Much needed haircuts for the boys!

We told Avin when she turned 7 she could get her ears pierced, although a little nervous just before she was very brave, and loves her new look!!

The kids love doing things more like they would at home for a few hours; ice cream, movies, restaurants and play areas!!! We're always very happy to get back home though!! We did some grocery shopping for a team of 18 people that are coming this weekend, it should be fun!!!

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Quess who ???? said...

Avin has her ears pierced !!! I missed that milestone !