Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where Most Needed

Special gifts is an amazing part of our sponsorship program; it's where gifts like water collectors, bed sets, clothing, gift baskets, goats and even kitchens or new homes can be bought for our sponsored students. Not everyone who sponsors a child is able to buy these gifts for their students though, which is why we love "where most needed" gifts. When we receive these donations our staff in the sponsorship office decide who is in greatest need of the gift given.

Vincent was living with his mother and three siblings in this tiny mud house, so when a very generous donation was made the KCF staff decided that Vincent and his family were to get a new brick house and a good sized plot of land!!

We were driving by their home the other day with Jamie and had to stop to greet them. They are SO happy and were so gracious to have us visit and take some pictures of them in their brand new home!!

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