Friday, May 28, 2010

Catherine, Jovan & Jonathan

Yesterday we had the chance to visit 3 sponsored students at home. We never know what or who to expect on a home visit, even if we've been before, it's not unusual for extra kids or family members to be around!!
Auntie Lynda was very excited to meet her sponsor child, Catherine, who was equally excited to meet  her, she has been talking about this visit at school for weeks!! 
The family received a much needed new kitchen as a special gift last month so it was great to see the finishing touches going on it when we were there, they can begin to use it next week!!

Catherine has a lovely family, she is orphaned and living with her Grandma. Some of Catherine's extended family recently lost their home, so she has some extra Auntie's living with her right now!! 

Jovan is sponsored by our Aunt, we have met him before but this was our first time meeting his family and going to his home. He is also orphaned and very lucky to have such a loving Aunt to take care of him as well other nieces, nephews, and orphaned children needing a home!! 
Gifts to bless us and Jovan's sponsor, they are so thankful for his support!!

Jonathan is Mom's sponsor child, she loved seeing him again!! 
When Mom came last time we saw that there was a huge need for a water tank for Jonathan's family. He lives high up on a hill and has a long, hard walk to get water. He has 6 other siblings and a father that is rarely around, so the water tank he got at Christmas time was a huge blessing!! They showed their thanks with a hen!!

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