Thursday, May 6, 2010


Nicholas is an S4 (Grade 11) student in Kibaale. We have gotten to know him very well over the past few years. He's very involved in playing for different soccer teams with Jeff but also comes on the weekends to play soccer with our boys.

Nicholas lives with his grandma. His Mom lives in Kampala, where she works at a small restaurant, she can only afford to travel home once a year. She is in Kibaale right now so it seemed like a good time to for a home visit! Nicholas has a wonderful family, his Mom and Grandma were so kind and very welcoming of our family into their home. When we were leaving they gave us pineapples, sugar cane, avocados, a mat that the grandma made and a chicken. It's always so difficult for us to leave with our arms overflowing with gifts, I'm sure we will never get used to that.

The neighbors peering through the window during our visit.


mom g said...

What a truly wonderful family ! The kindness of really giving from the heart. So much we have to learn !

Erin said...

AWWWWW, my Nicholas <3 Thanks for posting about him. :) (Lesley speaking here not erin !)