Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday {in Kibaale}

 Megan and I (Shannon) spent the day in Kibaale on Friday. One of the things we had to do was video a few of the primary classes singing songs for an event at Pacific Academy School. Yes, we have a pretty good job, they were so cute!!

 Natalie (from Broadway Church in Vancouver) came to Kibaale in September, she's working in the Special Education classes for a few months. It was nice to see her again and it's always fun to see the kids in her class, they are so welcoming and have the biggest smiles!!

  Megan had a few special gifts to give out that her family and friends from home sent, the students were so excited to be called into the office to get their new gifts!!! We're pretty lucky to be the one's to see first hand how appreciative the kids are, special gifts are always such a blessing!! 

 We even got to see some of our own sponsor kids, always a treat!!!

 Lastly on my list of things to do, take a few pictures of some Kibaale students trying out the new Timothy Girls College uniforms, we think they looked pretty good!!

It was a full day, but a lot of fun! My favorite part was reconnecting with friends throughout the day, although there are things we love about living in Masaka Town, we really miss everyone in Kibaale.

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