Friday, November 19, 2010

Grasshoppers, Yum!?

We are in the middle of Grasshopper season in Masaka. Fortunately for us, our neighbor happens to be one of the many people who have set up grasshopper catchers through the night, all night, with bright lights, every night. 

Here is a view from our roof of Masaka town, the green light is all the different places catching grasshoppers. 

What they do is set up very bright lights to attract the grasshoppers, then below the lights they put a corrugated iron sheet in a barrel. The grasshoppers slide down the iron sheet and get stuck in the barrels, where the insides are coated in flour to prevent them from hopping or flying out. It sounds like hard rain as the grasshoppers hit the iron sheets, all night long!

They fry and season the grasshoppers before selling them in the market or along the streets. Our neighbor graciously gave us a plate for free!

Joel could not handle it, but he tried and then spit it out! The only one to not even try this Ugandan delicacy was our Ugandan daughter, she was having nothing to do with them!!


J and R JECK said...

that is CRAZY!! cool pics.

...I'm with Mazz ...always knew she was Canadian!

cheryl said...

Mazzy's a smart kid ;)

Erica said...

You are tougher then me. There is no way!