Monday, November 15, 2010

Visitors & a Mud Hut

Last week we spent a few days in Kibaale hosting a team. One of their highlights was building a mud hut with the Grade 5 students. The house was donated by the team to one of the Nursery Class students, he was living in a very old mud hut that was falling apart. 

The student lives with his Grandma; she was incredibly thankful for this generous donation of a new house, kitchen and latrine!! 

Their old house.

Our kids and Jeff's parents came to help out!

Avin is helping Natalie mud some inside walls. Natalie is spending a few months in Kibaale working in the Special Needs class; she brought along some of the students to help out too!  We love to see the students in Kibaale involved in these outreach events!!

Scott and Paul working on some outside walls. Megan and I (Shan) took some pictures but had to go back to get some work done in the sponsorship office, we didn't have a chance to stay and get dirty, darn!!

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Jordan Grossman said...

I work at PA High School and was looking through some of the blogs off the PAOS website. It thrilled me to see a picture of Justus (sp?) from the special needs class helping build the mud hut. When I was in Uganda 5 or 6 years ago, he wasn't in school yet and I would often "visit" with him as he played outside of our guest house. Thanks for sharing your experiences!