Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Communities of Hope

We really loved this program, to care for a few very needy families outside the catchment of the Kibaale school, when it first started last year. We had the opportunity to go with our social worker in the Community Services office to meet these 8 families and hear their different stories. They have all been sponsored since then, and we're happy to report doing so much better. The oldest children in the homes are now going to school, they are getting medical care at our clinic, and our social worker regularly checks in on them to see what other needs they may have and how the Kibaale Community Centre can meet them!!

This is the family that we are sponsoring, Mama and baby were home when we dropped by. It is amazing to see how much better this little girl is doing, she was so malnourished last year, but now she's gaining weight and even starting to walk, so cute!!

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