Sunday, February 6, 2011

Timothy Centre Tour

Welcome, to the Timothy Centre!

We first came to look at the PAOS projects in Uganda in September 2007, we stayed at the Kibaale Community Centre, but spent a lot of our time planning for the new Timothy Centre which was going to be built in Masaka. At that time we were just looking for land and drawings were being sketched for the guest houses and school buildings. It was very exciting though for us to be a part of this brand new arm of the Kibaale Community Centre, right from the beginning!

We soon learned that in Uganda buying land and building a new project from the ground up can take a lot longer than we first thought! Although things happened at a slower pace, it's exciting to see where the project is right now. The majority of Phase 1 is finished and we hope to have 90 students enrolled in the Timothy Girls College later this month!!

As you drive into the compound there are farming projects right before the guest house complex.

It's a peaceful retreat with a beautiful view of the wetlands.

Head Mistress' house

Administrative Building

Dining Hall

The first school block


Science Lab


Hope and Sylvia have been a part of the promotions team for the school. This week we will be in Kampala with a table set up at one of the local malls to get the word out about our new school and recruit new students. Please pray for our staff this week as we hope to register 90 students!!


Melanie said...

Wow! It looks absolutely beautiful! How exciting!

jesslea said...

Everything looks wonderful! Nice work!