Tuesday, March 1, 2011


One of the director's at the Kibaale Community Centre, Samalie, and her husband, Pastor Joseph run a project in a nearby village called Kamuli. They pastor a church, and have now started a community school for needy children in the area. Which pretty much describes each child in this village, it's a very impoverished area of Uganda.

The school has 180 students and 6 staff, two of the classes meet in the church building as they don't have enough money for proper classrooms. The families of the children are asked to pay school fees but few can pay more than about 40 cents per term. PJ and Samalie struggle on a month to month basis to pay these teachers and keep the school running.

For the last 3 Christmases that we have been in Uganda our home church, Peace Portal Alliance, has taken up an offering we receive a portion of, as missionaries. This year we wanted to make sure that this project in Kamuli received part of this gift, it has been on our hearts to help them out. 

On Sunday we had the chance to attend their church, meet some of the students they are teaching, enjoy a wonderful Ugandan lunch, and walk through town. It is a really beautiful area of Uganda, and we felt very welcomed!!

If you would like to read more about this project or give a tax deductible donation, here is the link:

This is their unfinished school building, the money that we were able to give them from Peace Portal Alliance Church will pay for the roof and finish the walls, so the students can start using this building!! This block is actually good for 120 kids, believe it or not, and would be for students in Grades 2-6.

Thank you, church!!

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