Wednesday, March 9, 2011


March 2011

We spent this past weekend in Mpigi, knowing that this was our last one made it an emotional few days!

 When we first arrived in March 2007 there were only 13 kids living on the 10 acres, they were especially hard for all of us to say goodbye too this weekend. A highlight of our time has been watching how these 13 have matured. Many of them are leaders in their homes; we've watched them accept all the new children as brothers and sisters and show them how things are done, they have always included everyone and been great examples of love, even to our own kids! 

March 2007

The five oldest kids in Mpigi are now in high school and going to a nearby boarding school. Sunday was a visitation day at the school so we were able to spend the morning with the kids and had a tour of their new school. They are all settling in really well and are very happy, it was fun to see how excited they were to show us around!

Christine is a a very special young lady, being the oldest at the home she has always been a huge help with organizing events or games and even with translating. She was very sad when we had to say goodbye, which was heartbreaking for us. She was such a blessing to our family when we lived in Mpigi, a true friend, we will miss her so much!


Cissy was Avin's first best friend in Uganda, she was great at including her in games with the girls and taught her how to skip rope. We love that she is always smiling!!!

Cissy and Avin, 2007.

It's not a weekend in Mpigi without a soccer match!!

Even though we know this isn't "goodbye", it's "see you later", not knowing when we'll be back makes it hard to leave.


Anonymous said...

wow, looks like you made some lasting friendships.
we look forward to hearing some good stories.

mom g said...

Love all the pics and a little walk thru time ... Espically love the pic of u and Mama Rose! Two very wonderful and giving woman.... Good Company to be in !