Sunday, April 10, 2011


Since returning from Uganda we have looked back through thousands of pictures and thought about a million memories, what a blessing we were given to serve there as a family these past few years! We could not have done it without the help of our family and friends who have supported us financially, with emails of encouragement, gifts and supplies sent over, and most importantly, your prayers. We can't thank everyone enough for their love and support of our family, which has continued to make our transition back home a much easier one!!

Since coming home many people who supported us financially have asked us if there are other projects they can designate their support towards, YES, we highly recommend sponsoring a child in Kibaale!!! 

We are very proud to say that 100% of the money you send for sponsorship goes towards the student and their family, it covers education, participation in the feeding program, medical care and family needs, all administrative costs are covered by Pacific Academy and other sources!

One of the areas in Kibaale particularly in need of sponsorship is our vocational school, it's $35 Canadian a month, and only a 2 year commitment! Please take a look at the kids available online, or email Jenny Nel for more information!!

Thank you for considering sponsoring a child in Kibaale!

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