Wednesday, September 21, 2011


We can't believe how quickly summer flew by!! It began with us moving (after being incredibly blessed by AMAZING FRIENDS who invited us to live with them as long as we needed!!) to a great townhouse in South Surrey. It quickly felt like home, having both of our parents and many friends close by helped with that!! The clubhouse with pool might have too!! Then life got busy. It didn't surprise us. We have 4 kids, we're living in North America again, it just took some getting used too, it still is taking some getting used too!!!

We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed our summer back in Canada though, especially the warm days in August. Our time was filled with VBS, soccer camp, dog sitting, swimming pools, beach days, the park, waterpark, meeting new friends, Whitecaps, celebrating birthdays, Anvil Island for a week {for Joel}, BBQ's and lots of time spent with friends and family. We even got away for a few days to the beautiful Okanagan!!

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