Friday, October 21, 2011

Christmas in Kibaale

Have you thought about buying a Christmas gift for a student and their family in Kibaale? Here is the updated Special Gifts List!! 

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100% of your gift goes directly to Kibaale!!

Mosquito Nets (X2)

Reusable Feminine Products
Solar Lantern
Single Gift Basket
Maize Flour
Shoes and Clothing
Bed Set (mattress, blanket, sheets)
Double Gift Basket
Household Items (jerry cans, utensils)
Water Collector
2000L Water Tank
Property (plot of land)
Mud House
Brick House

You don't sponsor a child in Uganda but want to give someone a gift? Mark your donation "Where Most Needed". You can also designate a specific gift to a child in any $ amount to "Items Most Needed" and the Kibaale staff will purchase the necessary items for that family. 

If you'd like your gift to be given before Christmas, it needs to be made by November 15th.

Thank you for considering a gift to a student in Kibaale!!!

Every Donation of $10 or more will receive a charitable tax donation receipt.

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The Scott Family! said...

Just wondering, is there any idea to know what specific needs they have?