Monday, January 9, 2012


About 18 months ago when we first began to prepare and think about coming home from Uganda we started looking at different organizations that focused on poverty alleviation in our home community. During our time in Uganda we became very passionate about providing people with opportunities to sustain themselves through education and employment. We stumbled across a website for a company, JustWork, that does just that in East Vancouver.

JustWork is a non-profit organization that works out of Grandview Baptist Calvary Church in East Vancouver. Their main focus is providing employment opportunities for people that might be considered unemployable or have employment barriers such as physical disability, mental illness, addictions and homelessness. They offer employment in catering, pottery, painting and construction.

As the new General Manager my main focus will be trying to grow the construction/painting divisions as well offer support and overall management to the organization.

I will need to raise around $20,000 as part of my salary for the first year, if you'd be willing to partner with me on this please email me for more information. JustWork is a registered charity.

Here are links to the JustWork website and blog:

Just Work

A big thank you to Photobooth Vancouver {& their adorable baby} for the great night and very fun photos!!!

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