Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nursery Students

Photos of the brand new Nursery students are up on the Pacific Academy Outreach Society website, they are all waiting for sponsors!!

Here are a few of them:

You can sponsor a student for $35 CDN a month; this pays for their tuition at Kibaale School, they participate in the feeding program, 
special gifts, and also receive medical care for themselves and their family. 

100% of your money goes to the student, all administrative costs are covered by Pacific Academy School.

As soon as we heard that someone from our family or a friend sponsored a child when we were living in Kibaale we'd go and visit them in their home. It's really hard for us to personally get to know 900 students, but we loved how after visiting with them and their families these little faces stood out to us at chapel, on sports days, or just as we walk by them on the school grounds!!

One of our friends adorable little boy, Dennis, would come by our house most mornings just to say hello before school, he is so sweet!

We will have a lot of new students to get to know when we return to Kibaale in April, but we're so thankful for these familiar faces!

 If you have sponsored a student let us know so we can visit them at their home and send you some extra photos!

If you are interested in sponsorship visit www.paoutreach.net to see photos of the students who require sponsorship or contact the PAOS office for more information at 604 634 3159.

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