Friday, May 24, 2013

Term Break

One week after we arrived in Kibaale the school closed for term break. Since this isn't the long break a lot of the staff stayed in Kibaale which was great, we were able to continue with projects, meetings, as well get reacquainted with friends.

 Backyard daycare with a few other staff kids hanging out in Kibaale during the break.

One of the things you really notice after 2 years away from Uganda is how much the trees and plants have grown! We went for a walk to see the pine trees that were planted a few years ago, they are doing really well, still a few years off from being sold though.

The medical clinic we also noticed right away looks great! It continues to be a very busy part of the Kibaale Community Centre and does not shut down during the term break.

The puppies in Kibaale that our kids played with years ago have grown up and had babies of their own,  this week they are finally old enough to come play at our house. 

 This is their favourite, a little girl they've named Tipper, she's really sweet!!!

 The teachers returned this week to prepare for the next term of school, which means that the daycare is open again. They start their day singing worship songs, we can hear them from our house, but watching them is even more fun!!

On Monday morning school begins for Term 2, the soccer field will be taken over again by blue uniforms and we can't wait!!

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