Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Jeff Cup

Today at the Timothy Centre we hosted the First Annual Timothy Centre Netball Tournament aka The Jeff Cup! We invited serval schools to join us from the surrounding area, and of course our Kibaale girls team came out too! It's a great way to promote our school for next year, giving students from other schools a first look at the Timothy Girls School!

We were able to host almost 200 students here today!

Congratulations to our Timothy Girls who won first place and to our Kibaale girls who won second place!!!

 Our girls are wearing blue in support of the Timothy Girls Team!

Semi-Finals took place after lunch, where it was decided that it would be a Timothy Girls School vs Kibaale Secondary final match!

Win-Win for us!!!

A goat was awarded to our 3rd place visiting team.

One of the teacher's at Timothy, Chris, did a great job planning and organizing this event!!

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mom g said...

Awesome ...Congrats to the winners of the "Jeff Cup " !