Saturday, October 12, 2013


We were able to take part in 2 celebrations this past week. 

At the Timothy Centre we had a Leavers Party (aka Prom) for the S6 girls. They have been running around planning and getting ready for this day for weeks now! It was a beautiful day and it was especially fun to see them all dressed up. There was a special band for the day and after lunch they ended with a great dance party!

 These 2 girls love a party!

This week was also Uganda's Independence Day! The Secondary School Patriotism Club in Kibaale had a celebration at school the following day where many of the local politicians and representatives of the army came as special guests.

The secondary students marched several times around the field, there were some special songs, speeches and we finished with lunch. It was really fun to see the kids so involved in every step of the day from set up to take down, and the obvious pride they have in their school and country, it was quite a privilege for us to be part of the celebration!

 Our special guests.

 There was a lot of marching!

The primary students weren't part of the day, but they were all very interested in what was going on as they walked by after school.

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