Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Slip and slide, jumping rope and gardening make for a great Saturday at home!

First thing this morning the girls in Economics at Timothy Girls High School were out in the yard checking on the cabbage they are growing as part of their class. This garden is right by our house so the kids went out to see what they were doing and ended up getting them to play jump rope with them. It may have distracted them a little, but they really did take turns working and playing!

There is this great hill in our front yard that Jeff keeps saying will be perfect for a homemade slip and slide, so he was pretty excited that it finally worked to try this theory out today. The kids, and Jeff, loved it, and I quite enjoyed watching them!!!


Tami Hellinger said...

You have such beautiful children Shannon. Everyone looks like they are having fun.

Tami Koppang

charlene said...

What great fun u all are having! One shot missi g of Shannon. Great of photos !!! (We are scraping the frost off our cars today lol